Attorney General Godfred Yeboah Dame has accused the third accused person in the ongoing ambulance trial, Richard Jakpa, and Big Sea, producers of the ambulances, of making a 50% profit from the 2.37 million Euro ambulance deal.

According to Godfred Dame, this is to account for the failure of the suppliers of the ambulances to deliver under the terms of the contract.

The Attorney General made this assertion while cross-examining Richard Jakpa. Godfred Dame stated that Richard Jakpa was paid 28% of the contract sum, and then questioned Richard Jakpa about how much Big Sea made from the contract.

Richard Jakpa answered that he was not aware of that information as he did not act as CEO or staff of Big Sea.

The Attorney General then suggested to Richard Jakpa that his firm and Big Sea failed to meet the terms of the contract because of the 50% profit that went to them.

Richard Jakpa, however, answered that this cannot be true as the contract went through all appropriate approvals, including cabinet, parliamentary, and PPA approval.

According to him, all statutory bodies involved in the transaction satisfied themselves that the state was getting value for money from the contract.