The judge presiding over the ambulance case has ruled that the audio conversation between Richard Jakpa and the Attorney General did not reveal any instruction from Godfred Dame for Mr. Jakpa to implicate Ato Forson.

The content of the audio was the subject of applications brought before the court by Ato Forson and Richard Jakpa seeking to halt prosecutions against them.

The audio conversation was tendered as part of the exhibits in support of the application for mistrial by Dr Cassiel Ato Forson.

Justice Afia Serwah Asare Botwe in dismissing the application for mistrial, assessed the content of the recording, after dismissing the Attorney General’s objection to the tendering of the pen drive containing the audio.

The Judge noted that the conversation reveals an engagement between Richard Jakpa and Godfred Dame. However, the Conversation does not support claims that the Attorney General asked Richard Jakpa to implicate Ato Forson.

She also found that the Attorney General did not make a statement that he needed the help of Richard Jakpa to implicate Ato Forson.

She noted that those claims were rather made by Richard Jakpa. According to Justice Afia Serwah Asare Botwe, those are rather the words of Richard Jakpa.

For the judge, the only issue of discomfort is the fact that the Attorney General engaged with the accused who he is prosecuting and the fact that he asked the accused to file a medical excuse.