The Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation, in collaboration with the Ghana Post, over the weekend, unveiled a commemorative stamp to honour the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II’s enduring legacy and significant contributions to national development, peace, and cultural preservation.

The ceremony, which took place  at the Manhyia Palace, attracted many dignitaries, including government officials, traditional leaders and citizens from across the nation.

Speaking at the launch of the Asantehene Commemorative Stamp at Manhyia, the Minister of Communications and Digitalisation, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, extolled the wise and visionary leadership of the Asantehene.

She emphasised the significance of the occasion in bridging the gap between Ghana’s revered traditions and the opportunities of the digital age.

She underscored the role of communication and digitalization in safeguarding the nation’s cultural legacy.

“In today’s world, where digital technology reshapes every aspect of our lives, emphasising the importance of harnessing these advancements to preserve and promote Ghana’s rich cultural heritage.

“My Ministry, in collaboration with various stakeholders, has embarked on initiatives designed to digitize our historical documents and cultural artifacts, ensuring that they are preserved for future generations and accessible to the world,” she said. These projects, she explained, aim not only to preserve but also to make Ghana’s culture a cornerstone of the digital economy, transforming heritage into a living, interactive experience that educates and inspires both young and old.

She highlighted specific initiatives, including Ghana Post’s role in adapting to global technological shifts. She said Ghana Post had introduced significant technological advancements, integrating digital solutions to enhance customer experience and expand service offerings.

She indicated that this includes digital financial services for seamless transactions and e-commerce platforms supporting local businesses by broadening their market reach.

The Minister emphasised the continued relevance of stamps in the digital age, highlighting their role as storytellers and educational tools. 

She added that commemorative stamps, such as the one unveiled for the 25th anniversary of Otumfuo’s reign, serve to connect generations, and foster national pride and identity. She noted that through digital platforms, these stamps find new life, reaching global audiences and showcasing Ghana’s rich history and vibrant culture on the world stage.

She stressed the need for collaboration in the era of digital transformation. She said the Ministry was actively seeking partnerships to drive forward the digital agenda, enhance cybersecurity, and increase internet connectivity in rural areas, ensuring that no Ghanaian is left behind in the journey towards a fully digital Ghana.

The Minister reaffirmed the commitment to leveraging technology for cultural preservation and enhancement, acknowledging the profound impact of Asantehene’s leadership in preserving Ghana’s heritage while embracing the future.

She thanked all involved in bringing the project to fruition, and expressed gratitude to the people of Ghana for their continued support of digital initiatives, concluding with blessings for the nation.

For his part, the Managing Director of Ghana Post, Bice Osei Kufuor, described the 25th anniversary as a very important and historic day in the annals of Ghana Post’s history and in the history of the Universal Postal Union.

He said it is a historic day because “we have the singular honour and pleasure of playing a key role in the Silver Jubilee anniversary of a king of global repute, Otumfuo Osei-Tutu II, with the unveiling of a Commemorative Stamp.”

“This is the making of the Lord. I am exceedingly happy that history has been favourable to me at this point in time, occupying the office of Managing Director of Ghana Post, offering me the opportunity with my hardworking team to be a part of this momentous occasion,” he said. 

“Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, His Royal Majesty Otumfuo Osei-Tutu II’s 25th Anniversary caught the attention of the Ghana Post Stamp Advisory Committee and my Board, after which I immediately instructed our Philately department to commence internal and external channels of honouring our great king with a commemorative stamp to celebrate his sterling and quality leadership which transcends boundaries,” he indicated.

The MD said he took immediate steps to inform the global postal services umbrella, the Universal Postal Union, and partners of the intent to celebrate His Majesty Otumfuo Osei-Tutu II on his Silver Jubilee.

According to him, he took these steps to ensure that the stamp did not become only a Ghana Stamp but an international one, championed by Ghana Post and partners, including some members of the UPU Consultative Committee.

He mentioned that the stamps include a Definitive Stamp meant for postage and a Crypto Stamp (a collector’s item that can be traded as an NFT, first time in Africa).

He also mentioned that it includes a VIP Stamp Box with Authentication (a limited collector’s item). He said it has a Royal Stamp Frame and ten different stamp products of Otumfuo Osei-Tutu II (which are 1 out of 1 collector’s items for auction).