The Electoral Commission (EC) has categorically denied allegations of covertly registering voters using stolen Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) Kits.

These allegations were made by a group known as Election Watch Ghana, which claimed that the EC was secretly registering voters with stolen BVR kits.

Samuel Tetteh, the Deputy Commissioner in charge of Operations at the EC, addressed these allegations in a press conference in Accra on Tuesday. He strongly refuted the claims and encouraged the public to dismiss them.

“The attention of the commission has been drawn to a press conference organised by a group called Election Watch Ghana during which one Mark Ewusi alleged that the EC was using stolen BVR kits to register people secretly. The commission urges the public to ignore these baseless and unfounded allegations as they are without merit,” he stated.

Mr Tetteh clarified that the commission had reported to security agencies about five missing laptops, which are components of the BVR kits, not the entire kits.

He suggested that referring to the missing laptops as BVR kits was a deliberate attempt to mislead the public.

“…The commission has never reported that BVR kits have been stolen. The Commission reported to the security agencies that five laptops were missing. The commission informed all stakeholders about the missing laptops.

“Describing the missing laptops as BVRs is a deliberate attempt by certain groups to deceive the public in order to sustain their unfounded allegations…the five missing laptops on their own cannot be used to register voters,” he stated.