Meta’s Public Policy Manager for Anglophone West Africa, Sade Dada, has unveiled the expanded monetization features for content creators in Ghana.

This initiative includes the ability for creators to earn a share of revenue from Facebook’s in-stream ads when Meta places ads alongside their content.

Furthermore, Meta plans to introduce ads on reels, providing creators with additional earning opportunities from ads placed on their reels on Facebook. Instagram is slated to follow suit later this year, expanding monetization options even further.

To qualify for monetization, content creators must adhere to Meta Partner Monetization Policies and Content Monetization Policies, which impose stricter guidelines than community standards regarding content and its presentation.

A statement signed by the Minister of Information, Fatimatu Abubakar, indicated that advertisers engaging in these platforms are mandated to comply with Meta’s advertising standards, aimed at ensuring a positive user experience and fostering meaningful connections between people and businesses.

“The monetization of content in Ghana is to empower content creators to earn money locally from their online content and access advanced features to manage businesses online. The expansion of the monetization tools is a significant milestone that will help content creators in Ghana to leverage their online presence and build their brands,” it said.

The Ministry commended Meta for this investment in Ghana’s digital landscape, and expressed readiness to facilitate further collaborations between Meta and the New Media Association of Ghana.

This ongoing partnership is expected to foster digital innovation and entrepreneurship, creating new opportunities and contributing to the growth of Ghana’s digital economy.