Minister of National Security, Albert Kan Dapaah, has called for a united effort between state and non-state entities to combat the threat of terrorism and violent extremism.

According to Dapaah, such collaboration is essential to tackle the escalating security challenges in the Sahel region and its neighbouring countries.

Speaking at the launch of this year’s Accra Initiative, Kan Dapaah stressed the importance of adopting innovative strategies to address current regional security concerns.

“The greatest challenge we have now is to stop the killing of the people and the only way this initiative becomes useful is for us to help the front-line countries be able to stop the terrorists. How come we have bigger armies than the terrorists? The terrorists are not that many and yet countries like Mali, like Niger, like Kina, and Paso, cannot finish them in a day.”

Kan Dapaah explained that the decision to unite during this Accra initiative is a result of being faced with the inability to achieve certain tasks within a short timeframe due to needing more resilience.

“If they cannot do that in a day or a month because they don’t possess the resilience, why don’t we come together to fight them? So we decided to have not just the ACRA initiative but a multinational joint task force which will be capable of providing kinetic support to member states.”

Speaking at the launch, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) resident representative, Angela Lusigi, charged Africans to do more to safeguard security in their respective countries.

“Let me take this opportunity to recall our shared commitment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and Africa Union’s Agenda 2063. With only five years left to reach the Sustainable Development Goals, we must not lose our gains over the last 10 years. Together, as individuals and as a society, we can do more to ensure a safer and more secure world for all,” she said.