The Narcotics Control Commission (NACOC) and the UK National Crime Agency have intercepted 166.88 kg of a substance suspected to be cocaine at Kotoka International Airport (KIA).

This successful operation was meticulously planned and executed based on an intelligence-led operation.

In a statement, the Commission revealed that the seizure, with an estimated street value of $6,480,000, was made from the luggage of two British nationals traveling together.

The individuals, identified as Hall Shamin Ethline and Graham Omar Adel, were both passengers on a British Airways flight bound for Gatwick.

Per reports from the Commission, the intercepted drugs were concealed in checked-in luggage, comprising three bags per passenger, each bag containing 24 parcels.

Hall Shamin Ethline’s luggage included Bag 734134 containing 24 parcels weighing 27.86 kg, Bag 733951 containing 24 parcels weighing 27.76 kg, and Bag 734041 containing 24 parcels weighing 27.82 kg, totaling 83.44 kg of the suspected cocaine.

Graham Omar Adel’s luggage included Bag 734504 containing 24 parcels weighing 27.90 kg, Bag 734590 containing 24 parcels weighing 27.96 kg, and Bag 734664 containing 24 parcels weighing 27.58 kg, also totaling 83.44 kg of the suspected cocaine.

Both passengers have been arrested and are currently assisting with ongoing investigations.

The statement also commended the officers involved for their vigilance and professionalism, stating, “This operation reflects our unwavering dedication to intercepting illegal drugs and bringing traffickers to justice. We will continue to work tirelessly to protect our nation from the dangers of narcotics,” the Commission  said.

NACOC  urged the public to remain vigilant, and report any suspicious activities related to drug trafficking while it continues to enhance its security measures at all entry points to prevent the infiltration of illicit substances into the country.

The statement further assured the public that all necessary measures were being taken. Such measures, it indicated, would ensure the suspects are brought to justice. It stressed that Ghana remains a hostile environment for drug traffickers.