Former President John Mahama says none of his appointees should think of buying a state property if he is elected to power.

This announcement comes in response to growing concerns over state asset acquisition by officials under the current administration.

In one of his Mahama Conversations with journalists in Accra on Sunday, the NDC flagbearer stressed the need for a change in attitude among appointees and public office holders.

“Appointees and public office holders must change their attitudes. That is what we’re going to insist on. People that we appoint are modest people, they are humble, they will open up to the people, and they’ll do the things that will make the lives of our young people better. And so we’re going to hold them to a higher criteria of service. You must not go and buy state property,” he stated.

Mr Mahama reiterated his commitment to this policy, making it clear that any official in his government would be prohibited from purchasing state assets.

“Anybody serving in my government will not be allowed to buy a state asset. Nobody serving in my government will buy a state asset. Vehicles or cars or buildings or land or anything, nobody serving in our government will be allowed to buy a state asset,” he asserted.

The NDC leader’s stance underscores his dedication to integrity and transparency in governance, aiming to ensure that public office is not used for personal gain.