The NPP parliamentary candidate for the Amenfi East constituency, Mr. Ernest Frimpong, has clarified his controversial statement “when the soldiers fight you, fight back,” which recently went viral.

In a statement, Mr. Frimpong, explained that his words were taken out of context due to a communication gap, and he has since apologized for any misunderstandings caused.

A video of Mr. Frimpong speaking to a group believed to be miners has sparked significant controversy. In the video, it is alleged that Mr. Frimpong, speaking in the local Twi dialect, appeared to have advised small-scale miners to resist “soldiers, police, and national security operatives” at their sites. This statement led to a public uproar and backlash.

Mr Frimpong in the statement explained that the purpose of the meeting was to educate miners on the rules and regulations governing small-scale mining in the country. He emphasised the importance of responsible mining practices, the prohibition of mining in protected areas, and the need to obtain the necessary permits.

The miners expressed concerns about harassment and extortion by individuals posing as soldiers, police and national security operatives.

Mr. Frimpong confirmed that there had been reports of such individuals extorting money from registered small-scale miners while pretending to be legitimate security personnel.

In response to these allegations, Mr. Frimpong advised the miners to resist these imposters. He stressed that his comments were widely misinterpreted as inciting violence against actual state security personnel.

Mr. Frimpong clarified that his statement was directed at criminal gangs impersonating security officials, and not legitimate state personnel.

He noted that in the full, unedited video, he encouraged miners to support genuine police and soldiers who protect them from criminals. He emphasised that his call to “fight back” was meant to target those fraudulent individuals harassing the miners.

He apologized for any confusion caused by his remarks, attributing it to the charged political atmosphere and the excitement of the engagement. He took full responsibility for the miscommunication and any inconveniences it may have caused.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has warned against calls for attacks on soldiers, highlighting the significant threat such actions pose to the nation’s security and stability.

A statement released by  Brigadier General E. Aggrey-Quashie, the Director General in charge of Public Relations at the Ghana Armed Forces, said GAF had “taken note of viral videos on social media calling for attacks on soldiers and other security personnel.”

It underscored the potential dangers such incitements could bring, stressing that any form of violence against military personnel undermines the rule of law and jeopardises national security.

The statement reiterated the need for all citizens to respect the law and support the efforts of the security forces in maintaining peace and order.

The statement called on the public to refrain from actions or statements that could incite violence and destabilise the country, urging leaders and influential individuals to act responsibly and promote unity and lawful conduct.

“We strongly, wish to caution the public against such utterances. It is instructive to note that such calls are not only unlawful but also pose a significant threat to the security and stability of our nation. We therefore condemn any form of incitement or encouragement of violence against our soldiers.

“We wish to assure all and sundry that GAF will continue to perform its duties of safeguarding the security of the state and protection of civilians. It is also crucial to understand that personnel of GAF and sister security agencies are committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, discipline, and