Members of the Okyeman Environmental Protection Taskforce have called on the Ghana Police Service to investigate, and arrest individuals who are parading as police informants in the area. They allege that unscrupulous people posing as informants of the Ghana Police Service have been threatening to kill residents, and confiscate their assets.

Speaking to the media yesterday, the Akwansrahene of Kyebi Apapam and the second in command of the taskforce, Nana Baffour Kwabena Baah, said the nefarious activities of such individuals were getting out of hand, instilling fear in residents and, particularly, members of the taskforce. He indicated that the taskforce recently received a report about one Jones Kwaku Okyere, who claims to be one of the informants posting the details of taskforce members on a WhatsApp platform and branding them as “criminals terrorizing innocent residents in the area.”

Nana Baah added that Appiah, as Jones Kwaku Okyere is popularly called, allegedly threatened members of the taskforce, warning them to cease their activities as “their days are numbered.” He is therefore calling on the Ghana Police Service to intervene, and investigate these so-called informants.

Meanwhile, Nana Baah has alleged that contrary to claims of being police informants, the individuals involved are land guards sent by some estate developers to obstruct the taskforce’s efforts. He mentioned that the recent threats stemmed from the taskforce’s arrest of some land guards in the area. He indicated that upon receiving a report about land guard activities, taskforce members were promptly deployed to make arrests. The apprehended land guards were handed over to the police for legal action.

According to Nana Baah, the arrest angered the land guards, prompting the recent threats against taskforce members. However, he emphasized that the members would not be deterred by such threats, and would continue to work for the protection of Akyem Abuakwa lands and the environment.

He affirmed that the taskforce members were dedicated to their work, and would continue to serve the interests of the traditional area. He urged residents to respect the taskforce’s activities, emphasizing that it has the backing of the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council.