The Volta River Authority (VRA) has notified over 40 stakeholders, including the Minister for the Interior and all the assemblies within the dam’s catchment areas of the Akosombo Dam about the potential for excess water spillage.

In a notice dated July 5 and signed by the Deputy Chief Executive in Charge of Services at the VRA, Ing. Ken Arthur, the Authority proposed a stakeholder engagement as a precautionary measure.

The communication underscores the importance of proactive engagement to ensure the Akosombo Dam’s structural integrity and the surrounding communities’ safety.

The VRA emphasised that while the spillage is not confirmed yet, preparing and engaging stakeholders promptly is essential.

According to the notice, these measures are part of VRA’s commitment to maintaining the safety protocols around the dam and responding swiftly to any potential risks posed by the water levels.

“The Volta River Authority (VRA) intends to commence engagements regarding the potential controlled spillage of water from the Akosombo Dam. This precautionary measure is crucial to maintaining the structural integrity of the dam and ensuring the safety of our communities,” the notice said.

“We propose to engage you and the relevant team to discuss the potential implications, mitigative measures and information dissemination,” the statement added.

In October 2023, a controlled spillage of the Akosombo Dam was conducted to prevent overflow, leading to the displacement of residents in low-lying areas.

The most affected communities were in the North and Central Tongu districts, with estimates indicating that over 35,857 people were displaced, and numerous homes and farmlands were destroyed as a result.