Yaw Sarpong has refuted some allegations made by Adwoa Penamang, a woman who has insisted that she is the wife of the gospel music star.

At a Sunday church service at New Jerusalem Chapel where he is receiving treatment, Yaw Sarpong clarified that he divorced Penamang 20 years ago when she chose to leave their children in Accra and relocate to Kumasi without a substantial reason.

Sarpong noted that he reported the matter to Penamang’s father, after which the musician considered their marriage to be over.

The musician acknowledged that although the decision was made, he did not conduct the necessary rites with his estranged wife’s family that would have formally ended the marriage.

“It’s been 20 years since I divorced Penamang,” he said as he disclosed how they married and what led to the divorce. “I was asked to bring a ring and soft drinks to perform the marital rites. However, she began to act out. Instead of staying in Accra to look after the children, she moved to Kumasi.

“I reported the issue to her father. By that time, I had recovered from my illness,” he stated.

Sarpong also dismissed claims of an affair with fellow musician, Maame Tiwaa, and explained his decision to allow her to care for him rather than Penamang.

“Many of the things she [Penamang] mentioned, I don’t even recall. I let Tiwaa take care of me because she has been a pillar of support in my career, particularly during challenging times. Those who allege Tiwaa has taken me away from my wife are misinformed. I have not married Tiwaa,” he clarified.

This follows an interview where Adwoa Penamang disclosed to Auntie Naa on Oyerepa FM how the family has mistreated and neglected her since Yaw Sarpong took ill.

She also expressed her distress over Yaw Sarpong’s family’s decision to allow Maame Tiwaa to care for the music star, leaving her [Adwoa] neglected. She insisted that she is still the wife of Yaw Sarpong, adding that they have four children.

The interview has drawn criticism from some members of the public who feel the interview was unnecessary as it tarnishes the image and legacy of Yaw Sarpong.

Meanwhile, Prophet J.Y. Adu of New Jerusalem Chapel, Kumasi, has explained that Yaw Sarpong is under his care because his illness is not medical, but rather spiritual. He cited the failure of doctors to successfully treat the condition as one of the reasons.

Yaw Sarpong has been suffering from a stroke, and there are expectations that he will fully recover and continue his ministry.